Lifetime Relief by Flows

The four flows

After addressing your life generally, you can then address it by flows, Flow 1, Flow 2, Flow 3, Flow 0:

One incident but several flows

Note that one single incident can involve more than one of these flows. For example, you got beaten up one day (Flow 1). But first you hit the other person for no good reason (Flow 2). And deep down, maybe you wanted to get injured so you could play the role of victim (Flow 0). It is not so much how one analytically classifies these things, but how one gets the charge off.


Let's say you are addressing this fight as it seems to hang up in your memory and you can't seem to shake it off. So you work it over with Rub & Yawn as a Flow 1 incident, the other person beating you up. You don't find any yawns coming off as you've already gone over this many times before in telling your friends over coffee and so forth. But this time you address it as a Flow 2 incident, you harming the other person, and maybe you find some charge coming off as you yawn away and do the rest of the procedure. Then you try Flow 3 — nothing there. Then you try Flow 0 and are amazed to find that the most charge is on this flow — you wanted it to happen so you could get off school and everyone would feel sorry for you. Or you find that there is no charge on Flow 0 at all. It all depends. It is not something one can necessarily predict ahead of time.

Lifetime Relief by Flows

At this point, in doing Lifetime Relief by Flows, you will not be addressing a single incident with all four flows at the same time. But in later routines, when an item comes up, you will be addressing it with all four flows (or as applicable) before going on to the next item.

First period, Flow 1

Take the first period of time, maybe from birth to aged ten. Use the same time period as when you went through generally if that worked out OK for you. This time, just concentrate on Flow 1, all the events of that period from a Flow 1 viewpoint, things happening to you. It is OK if this is how you mostly looked at it last time and there isn't so much to run this time through.

Other periods, Flow 1

Do the same for the next time period, concentrating on Flow 1 again. And the next. And so on, until you've run your whole life up to now with Flow 1.

First period, Flow 2

Now take that first period of time, maybe from birth to aged ten. But this time, look at the events of that period from the viewpoint of Flow 2, you doing things to others. You may find new events popping into view that you had forgotten about or that didn't come up before. That's fine. Just do the normal Rub & Yawn procedure with them, zooming in on the events that stick and taking the yawns out of them, then zooming out again to the general period. Continue like this until you have taken all the charge you can find on Flow 2 off this first period of your life.

Other periods, Flow 2

Now take the next period of time, concentrating on Flow 2 as before. And the next. And so on, until you've run your whole life up to now with Flow 2.

Flow 3, Flow 0

Then do the same with Flow 3.

Then do the same with Flow 0.

And now . . .

You should be feeling somewhat relaxed about your life by now. If you want to go over something again, that's fine, you can do so. But don't worry if everything is not perfect in your life as there is a lot more that will addressed with the routines to come.