Lifetime Relief Generally


You break up your life into bite-sized chunks, maybe of around five or ten years each. The chunks can run by the calendar, as in "from 1st January 1970 to 31st December 1979", or by description, as in "the several years I lived in Kansas", as long as it is clear what is intended. The idea is to cover the whole of this lifetime from birth until now.


Scan over first time period

For this example, I'll use the calendar, and pretend you were born 5 July 1982. First, take the period from 5 Jul 82 to 31 Dec 89. Get an idea of the main people, places and events from that time period and run Rub & Yawn on it. Different aspects of your life will flicker through, and most likely your attention will fix on a particular person/group/place or event.

Zoom in

Focus in on that particular factor and take the charge off it using the regular Rub & Yawn procedure.

Zoom out

When it is discharged, take up that general period again — flick, flick, flick — and another aspect will draw your attention.

Rinse and repeat

Zoom in on that one aspect, discharge it as usual, then zoom out and look at the general overall time period of that chunk again.

Your mind isn't like a movie

Your memories aren't stacked up like in a movie. You don't have to zoom in on specific events in the sequence that they happened — just take up and discharge each one as it appears. Continue doing this until no aspect of that entire chunk of your life sticks your attention any more. This may take one session, or it may take many sessions.

Repeat with all the time periods

Then take the chunk from 1 Jan 90 to 31 Dec 99. Address it as above. Then from 1 Jan 2000 to now.