People Relief

Make the list

In session, make a written list of people or groups who you feel have been hostile to you, or are hostile to you right now. As you write down the names, put one, two or three crosses next to the name depending on the level of hostility or bad feeling. This does not have to be exact as it is just to get a rough idea of which to deal with first.

Keep writing until it seems like you have written down all the names you need to. You don't need to overdo it as you can always add to the list later. No-one need see this list except you, so you can be honest.

Your list might look something like this:

   Mary XXX
   James XX
   That demon that no-one will believe me about XX
   Uncle Frank XXX
   God XX
   Mother XX
   That church group X
   Josie X
   That nasty guy in the corner store XX
   Ann X
   George X ?
   um . . .

Time to end off writing the list!

Address the first item

Now it's time to take some charge off. If any of the items you wrote down got you yawning already, start with that one--or if more than one, the most obvious one, not necessarily one with the most crosses. Use Rub & Yawn with this item until you have discharged it as best you can. This may take one or more sessions.

Note that you are addressing the hostile side of the person, as he/she appears to you. For example, if you are a guy and you are addressing a girl you used to know who gave you trouble, do the creative bit with her acting hostile to you, not with her smiling and taking her clothes off.

Continue with the next item

When you've discharged as much harmful energy as you can with regard to that first person, then go on to the next item on the list. The general idea is to start at the most heavily charged, and work your way down to the least. This may match up with the number of crosses you wrote next to each name, or it may not. Just do it in the order you think best.

If you think of more items that should go on the list, just add them to the list and address them at the appropriate time later in session, or a future session.

Check all the flows

Remember to check the different flows when taking charge off a person. What you did to the person may be as important, even more so, than what the person has done to you. And Flow 3 and Flow 0 too. If someone has acted in a hostile manner towards you, it is very likely that you have done something to that person or someone like them, so do include imaginative actions of this character while doing the Rub & Yawn process to pick up the relevant ones you might have forgotten about.

End point

This People Relief routine is completed when you feel like you have discharged as much harmful energy off your list as you can at this time, and mention of a name from your list doesn't cause you a significantly bad reaction. This doesn't mean you have to welcome the person with open arms the next time you see them, although you just might.