First off, just bang away with The Yawn Machine as described on the home page here and have some fun and get used to it. When you've got your feet wet, look over the other articles on this site. After that, you might like to have a crack at PaulsRobot, or maybe continue with the routines here.

Lifetime Relief

The purpose of Lifetime Relief is to take some charge off the major things in a person's life, the people, the places, the events, whatever your attention is tied up in. It would include any prior therapy or self-help as a matter of course.

  Lifetime Relief Generally

First one would address one's lifetime generally.

  Lifetime Relief by Flows

It is often beneficial to go over one's life again in more depth, focusing on what has been done to one, what one has done to others, what others have done to others, and what one has done to oneself.

People Relief

The purpose of this routine is to take some charge off specific people in one's life, whether persons from the past or persons still in one's life.

Places Relief

The purpose of this routine is to take some charge off specific places in one's life, whether places from the past or present.

Other Routines

Other YawnMachine routines have been discontinued and replaced by more sophisticated PaulsRobot versions which you can find at

SUDS and SUSHI scales

SUDS scale

The Subjective Units of Disturbance/Distress Scale (SUDS) is a 0-10 negative scale giving guidelines by which one can assess a topic for how bad it is affecting one at that point in time. It is useful in giving a comparative measure between the beginning and end of a session.

SUSHI scale

The Subjective Units of Session Harmony and Insight (SUSHI) scale is a 0-10 positive scale, useful in a good session for assessing one's topic and ability to find further charge at that time.

Notes on Items


An item is a topic you address with Rub & Yawn, like "Sally" or "the events of 1950-1959" or "my childhood home."

Real things not ideas

When choosing items, keep it to people, places, locations, objective things. Do not use abstract items like "poverty" or "happiness."

General not specific

General items are usually preferable to specific ones, so "a lover" rather than "George" or "Ann." It may be that the problem with Ann is really coming from a former lover who Ann reminds you of, but who has slipped your mind for now. You can still use the specific item if it seems important to you to do so.

Note to Dowsers

Some people are practised at using a pendulum or equivalent to select items from a list they have created. This can easily be combined with Rub & Yawn, if you wish. Here is a suggestion:

  1. Make up a list of possible items to run, things that might be beneficial.
  2. Dowse the list to find what to address first. When you've finished dowsing, take the first item and use the normal Rub & Yawn technique on it and discharge whatever you can from this first item.
  3. When you can get no more charge out of the first item, then go onto the next item. And so on.
  4. This may or may not match some other method of choosing the sequence of items. The sequence may not discharge the items in the order of heaviest first. There may be some other sequence that is important to your higher self.

If it works out fine for you, then go with it.